How We’re Different

We recognize that there are many options for charitable giving.  JCRS stands apart in many ways.  We are:

  • The oldest Jewish children’s agency in the United States (founded 1855).
  • The only regional Jewish children’s agency in the United States (serving all Jewish communities in seven states: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas).
  • The only Jewish children’s agency that focuses all of its services on Jewish youth and families.
  • A “grass-roots” organization that derives virtually all of its income from donations and the income from donors who set up permanent scholarship funds.
  • An organization receiving considerable support from generations of past aid recipients; ranging in age from elderly alumni of our former children’s home, and/or their descendants, to recent college graduates, eager to recognize the past help received from JCRS and ready to “give back.”
  • An organization that focuses almost exclusively on the neediest and most challenged Jewish youth across seven states. JCRS serves as the “organization of last resort” for these families, and frequently provides scholarship aid to these youth from infancy through college years. In many families, multiple siblings have been assisted.

…to support JCRS, please consider making a donation to one of our programs.