Letters to JCRS

Every month, we receive letters of gratitude from those we’ve helped along.  We’ve shared some of the more recent ones below:


Received 1/20/2016

Dear Board of Directors of the Jewish Children’s Regional Service and Melanie,

Thank you so much for the generous scholarship money you awarded my son for the 2015-2016 college year.

I can’t tell you how much this money means to us. I don’t know how I would have done it by myself.

My son is doing well at a smaller Texas State University and loves telling his friends that he is Jewish. There are so few Jewish kids there, and for some kids, he is the first Jewish person they have ever met. Many students who attend this school are from very small towns.

I know my son will repay JCRS in some way one day. I want all donations one day to go to JCRS. I have explained to him how we send donations in honor and in memory of loved ones and friends.

Thank you so much for all you have done.

With love,

Texas Mom


Received 1/7/2016

Dear JCRS Scholarship Committee,

Thank you so much for the continued support over the past four years! I will be graduating from the University of Texas in May with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations. My success at UT Austin is a testament to the valuable scholarships JCRS provides. I am extremely grateful and hope to be able to give back one day to another student in need.


Graduating Texas student whose siblings have also received JCRS support


Dear Everyone,

The package of Hanukah gifts arrived yesterday when my daughter happened to be home from school and she was so delighted. We’re not going to open the gifts until Hanukah, of course, but she was treated to the unwrapped plushie and the Maccabees board game. Please find her enclosed colored thank you.

The gifts and hand-written notes are a special blessing when our family is under such challenging times. Thank you so much for sharing your light during this holiday season with us; I can see that light in my daughter’s eyes when she unwraps a gift every year from you. Thank you, thank you.

Mother and Family


Received 12/8/2015

Dearest Bonnie and Ned,

I want to thank you and convey thanks to JCRS for the AMAZING Hanukkah gifts for the children. The excitement and joy they are getting at night when we light the candles and then get to open one gift is SO heartwarming.

What a wonderful, kind, thoughtful, and generous program this is.

With much love and wishes for a Chag Sameach.

Grandmother Raising 4 Young Grandchildren


Received 12/8/2015


On behalf of the entire family, thank you and JCRS for the wonderful Chanukah presents to my brothers. He is thrilled, and will continue to open his presents with each day of Hanukkah as he visits my sister in Houston.

My brother is intellectually disabled and lives in Lafayette, LA under the supervision of LARC (Lafayette Association for Retarded Citizens).

Brother of Adult Gift Recipient


Received 12/7/2015
Thank you, Janice. And please, in my children’s names, thank those responsible at JCRS for the wonderful Chanukah packages. It was quite a challenge preventing them from opening everything on the first night!

Father & Family


(In 2014 and 2015, most JCRS Hanukkah gifts in Greater Dallas were provided, wrapped, and delivered by our Dallas volunteers.)

Hello Janice and Lisa,

We wanted to thank JCRS for the wonderful Chanukka gifts we got (from Jeanie here in Dallas). We can’t tell you how happy our boys were to open those gifts and enjoy each of them! Our 21 year old daughter enjoyed her jewelry so much (I’m jealous)!

Kol Hakavod to your Team, you guys are awesome!


Mother and Family


Received 12/7/2015

Dear Bonnie,

Thank you so much for the Hanukkah presents the kids were so happy with their gifts…words just cannot describe how they felt. Here’s a picture we took after lighting the menorah with all the presents (they open one every day). Thank you all for the great support!!!

Family of Recently Arrived Immigrants


Dear Ned,

I hope you never tire of hearing us say thank you to JCRS for the kindness of sending Chanukah gifts to the Jewish residents of our 13 state supported living centers. Every time, I am struck by the care taken by JCRS volunteers in choosing, wrapping, and packaging gifts on an individual basis. Of course, the guidance from you and your staff makes all the difference. Our one Jewish resident is a lovely woman in her 60s who is treated with greatest respect through JCRS and the inclusion of “age appropriate gifts.” But I can’t talk her out of the cute JCRS teddy bear!

Shalom and Happy Chanukah —

Chaplain Bobby

Rev. Robert L Hendricks, M.Div., BCC-APC

Director, Chaplaincy Services, SASSLC

Chaplain Discipline Head, DADS


Received 12/4/2015

Hanukkah gifts arrived. I’m keeping them hidden until Sunday evening.

They are especially appreciated this year as I’ve been incapacitated most of the time since the first week of September and I haven’t been able to get out and around. We’ll start off with a family-game evening with the Maccabees game.

Thank you to everyone who helps make this program a success each year.

Grandmother Raising 6 Young Grandchildren


Received 12/4/2015


See the note below from the family who we assisted with the Hanukkah gifts. I was also overwhelmed by the amount of gifts and really appreciate the program that you offer. Keep up the amazing work and Happy Hanukkah!

Amy Boulware, LAPMSW

Director of Social Services

Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga



I stopped by today to pick up the gifts from the JCRS and was almost speechless at the number of items. Thank you for alerting us to the program and assisting with the application process. We were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity.

We appreciate the variety of ways you have assisted our family in recent weeks. We will miss seeing you at the Federation, but wish you much success and fulfillment as you begin your new job.

Many thanks!

Mother and Family


Received 12/31/2014

Dear JCRS,

Thank you for 160 years of good work, and for years of support for our family. Will give more, when I can, many years from now. Now I must remind our younger kid yet again to write his thank you note to JCRS for camp scholarship.

Anonymous client who enclosed a donation



Received 12/31/2014

Dear Ned Goldberg, Lisa Tabb, et al–

Thank you so much for Hanukkah gifts every year for my daughter. This year she got a purse she loves and carries everywhere! I’m so grateful.

Many blessings



Received 12/29/2014

I would like to thank you so much for the gifts that you provide for my child who is a resident at Richmond State Supported Living Center in Richmond, Texas. I know that when my spouse and I are no longer alive, she will continue to receive gifts at Chanukah time.

Please accept our donation.


Texas parents



Received 12/23/2014

Hello Bonnie!

It’s almost the last day of Chanukah, and I wanted to truly thank you and all the volunteers at JCRS for the absolutely lovely Chanukah gifts. Each day my three girls have been thrilled to open up yet another gift. They are perfect, and so well suited for them!

Even more, we truly appreciate the time, attention and love you put into these thoughtful, wonderful packages for Chanukah. You have made our Chanukah extra bright this year.

May Hashem bless you and your loved ones with health, happiness, peace, Shalom Bayis, good Parnassah (livelihood) b”Ruchnius u b’Gashmius (spiritual and physical), and with much success in all you do! May G-d grant you a Lichtige, Light-filled year!

With best regards,

Mother of 3 girls



Received 12/15/2104

Dear Mr. Goldberg:

On behalf of the chaplains of our State Supported Living Centers under the Department of Aging and Disability Services in Texas, I want to thank you once again for all of the good things JCRS does for our Jewish residents. The delivery this year of Hanukkah gifts to our SSLC’s was not only the smoothest I remember, it also was the earliest. This did not surprise me, because I recall that even the year Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast, your organization successfully sent gifts.

God bless you, and may you and your JCRS family have a very Happy Hanukkah!

– Chaplain Bobby Hendricks

Rev. Robert L. Hendricks, M.Div., BCC-APC
Director, Chaplaincy Services, SASSLC
Chaplain Discipline Head, DADS



Received 8/21/2014

Dear JCRS,

Thank you so much for the camp scholarship that helped make it possible for our son to attend camp this year. It was a great experience!

Thank you,

Loving parents from Oklahoma



Received 8/21/2014

Thank you for my camp scholarship. Summer camp was incredible.

–10-year-old 2014 camp scholarship recipient



Received 8/20/2014

Dear JCRS,

Thank you so much for your kind assistance in helping secure financial aid for our daughter to attend summer camp this year. It was a positive, life changing experience for her and for that, I am truly grateful. All the best to you.


Loving mother



Received 11/28/13

Happy Thanksgiving.  May your turkey wear a kippah.

Thank you so much for remembering the children this Hannukah.

Mother of several recipients of the JCRS Hanukkah program



Received 11/18/13

Hi Colleen and Bonnie,

We received the Hanukkah gifts on Friday Nov 15, and I labeled the 5 gift bags filled with gifts for our 5 Jewish residents. Thank you so much for remembering these 5 special people during the Hanukkah season. Please share our gratitude with all who purchased the gifts, wrapped them, and shopped them, all arriving early and in great condition. We are having a Hanukkah party for these 5 people with a local rabbi on Nov 25, and the residents will have their gifts to begin opening one each night beginning on sundown Nov 27. Again, thanks for all the caring and sharing and contributing to a great holiday season for these individuals.

G-d bless and have a very Happy Hanukkah.

Chaplain at a state hospital



Received 8/19/13

To JCRS and Additional Sources of Daughter’s Travel Camp Experience,

I want to thank all of you for the extremes you went to ensuring that my daughter was able to do something I would never have been able to provide for her. She is still in touch with a large group of kids from the trip, and I see her attitude normalizing just from the online chatting with these neat kids from the trip. My daughter has been asking to do Shabbat which we swill start soon with a rabbi that has invited us any time. This is all good stuff. I am forever grateful, and you changed the life of a little girl who really needed something special in her life.

Thank you and I hope to stay in touch as you are such amazing and wonderful people!

Loving Mother



Email Received 7/27/2013

To JCRS and the Other Providers of My Travel Camp Scholarship

I have just arrived home from my trip and am very content as I continue my letter to you. This excursion was more than I could have asked for, seeing as I learned new leadership skills, was immersed even more into the Jewish culture (which I have wanted for so long, but was not allowed to have because of my family situation), made tons of new friends, and worked on team building.

Every night we would sit down and have a team building session, whether it be a game or just talking to one another about common interests. After team building, we often discussed what it takes to be a leader and how to become one. We also became leaders by being responsible and looking after each other when we were given free time to walk around the city or explore a campus.

Every Friday night we went to Shabbat at a local rabbi’s house and explored Judaism in that sense, but we also got to gain our own understanding of the culture by seeing Judaism around the country and in each other. As for friends, I made lots of them. There were so many incredible people on this trip, many of which I am still in contact with and feel blessed to have in my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am for having this opportunity presented to me.

This experience has really helped in my growth process.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Travel Camper with a First-Time Jewish Peer Experience Group



Email Received 6/19/2013 with 2013 Hanukkah Gift Registration

Dear Amy,

Our daughter is always so excited when the big brown box comes shortly before Hanukkah. She always knows the box contains presents for her, but they are special presents just for Hanukkah. No matter what is in the gift, she is excited to open it.

Thank you to JCRS and the people who give these special items from their hearts.


Child’s mother



Received 12/31/2012

Thank you again so much for the Hanukkah gifts for my special needs daughter. Just when we thought things were looking up for our family this year, my husband lost his job and his health insurance. A happy holiday would have been impossible without the gifts from your wonderful organization. Our child loved opening each one and proudly displayed the handmade card that came with the package. Such lovely gifts–practical wonderful simple things like a ball & the Star of David necklace is my daughter’s favorite piece of jewelry now. Thank you again so much.

Mother of a special needs child aided by JCRS



Received 12/24/2012

Dear JCRS:

Please convey our thanks to all who donated gifts, money, time, wrapping expertise and kindness. This was our first Hanukkah without my grandchildren’s mother. Funds are tight. Gifts for 6 grandchildren and 5 children are hard to come by. We can’t thank you all enough .

Signed by grandmother, children and grandchildren.



Received 12/6/2012

Happy Hanukkah to all of you wonderful people at JCRS!

Thank you for all your generous services.

Former JCRS financial aid recipient



Received 12/06/2012

To all the wonderful staff at JCRS, I want to thank you for your kindness that you have shown for my grandson. He so looks forward to opening your gifts at Hanukkah, and is so delighted over this.

I also want to wish all of you a wonderful  holiday season and a happy and healthy new year.

With Love,

Grandparents raising their grandson



Received 11/28/12

Dear JCRS,

This past year, I inherited a fairly substantial amount of money and I want to share it with JCRS since JCRS was helpful and generous to us in the past. Thank you JCRS for camp scholarships for our daughters and assisting with tuition to a local school with a specialized curriculum for our daughter who has special needs.

I hope this money will make a difference in another Jewish child’s life.

I think my uncle who left me the inheritance would be pleased.


Mother of four children



Received 11/23/12

Shalom Mr. Goldberg,

Please, put these toward Hanukkah gifts for those children that are “in need.”

It’s hard to believe how fast the years have flown by! My eldest was just blessed with his second child. He completed his Ph.D. in psychology this past August. My second son lives nearby (with his wife and daughter) and is chief of staff OB/GYN/Pediatrics. My third is still in Central Texas and is a computer whiz. He said he wants to return to get a master’s ASAP when his finances allow. My fourth son is still recovering from a severe accident he incurred several years ago. Thankfully to G-d, he survived. He’s attending college. What a miracle! He depends on Pell Grants, as I am unfortunately not able to work any longer due to disability. I try, however, to continue to do volunteer work whenever possible.

Thank you for helping my sons through their lives. I did finish college twelve years ago with high honors thanks to JCRS, and I taught until 2008!

I want to get a form so that it is attached to my will, if there’s anything, I want JCRS to receive it.

From Proud, Single Mom of 4 Sons

(Mom and all 4 sons aided by JCRS)



Received 8/10/12

Dear JCRS,

I just want to thank you so much for the generous aid you provided our family this year to send our son to camp. He had a great time. I can tell by the pictures and his stories that it was a summer he will never forget. He has so many new Jewish friends.

He is also participating in the Maccabi games. He told me that he is having the time of his life and feels like he is at camp all over again.

Our son has already asked if he can participate in BBYO this year. Since our small community does not have its own chapter, he will participate with his friends from camp who are in a bigger city.

Our son had excellent counselors. They provided the leadership and knowledge and maturity and even inspired him to give back and become a counselor one day.

Last year was very challenging for our family. My husband was unemployed and we were living on my salary alone. As mentioned in my scholarship application, camp is instrumental for the Jewish development of a child who lives in a small town with very few Jews. It was very unsettling to think that we would not be able to send our son to camp.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity. We are so appreciative for helping our son have a Jewish Camp Experience; it is so much more than just camp!


Parents Living in a Small, Southern Jewish Community



Received 8/9/12

Dear Bonnie:

I just received (the email newsletter that stated) that you have served 38 special needs children so far this year. Congrats!

I also wanted you to know that I saw (a recent JCRS special needs client) over the summer at the JCC. He is still using the wheelchair JCRS helped buy. It has been a great purchase as the seat part can be updated without replacing the entire wheelchair. The Mom LOVES it and especially likes the hydraulic lift part. He appears to be well supported and comfortable.

JCRS does great work. Thank you again!

From a staff member at a Jewish social service agency in our seven state region our region.



Received 06/15/12

My Dear Friends at JCRS

How can I put into words how grateful I am for your organization!

My 2 children are getting the opportunity to attend Jewish Sleep away camp at CYJ this summer!! As a single Mom this amazing experience was out of reach for my children…but thanks to the generous support of JCRS and other Jewish organizations my kids get to do what I did for 10 summers…GO TO CAMP!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Single Mom



Received 03/17/12

I saw some of the letters on your website, so I wanted to write one myself.

You may show this letter, but please omit my name. I am very grateful for the help that JCRS has provided my family. I have two young boys, and I am raising them on my own. Judaism is an important part of my life, and PJ library and the campership program has helped me share that with my sons.

The books we get from PJ library are wonderful. I can see how they work for children, but I actually enjoy them very much myself too; it’s really nice to take a moment and stop working, and read to my sons about being Jewish.

And the campership has enabled my older son to go to Jewish camp, I’m sure my younger son will too. I was very close to older relatives from Europe when I was a child, and now they’re all gone. JCRS has helped me extend this culture to my children. Thank you.

Proud Father of Two Sons Aided by JCRS



Received 12/30/11

Dear Jewish Children’s Regional Service,

Thank you so much for everything. You have made my mother and myself have a great Hanukkah. I hope you all had a very good holiday and are doing well. You are some of the special people that are in the world. Thank you for everything.

From a Son and Single Mom Known to JCRS for a Number of Years



Received 12/29/2011

Dear Friends

My family was one of the families that received Hanukkah presents. I can’t begin to tell you what a HUGE help this was for me! Also the girls were sooo exited opening their presents!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Grateful Parent



Received 12/14/2011


Thank you so so so much for sending Hanukah gifts for our daughter. We had a really rough time this year, never knowing how much or when my husband’s salary would be cut.

Our child’s Medicaid benefits were accidentally cut off twice–it was so stressful making appeals to get her care back. It was very nice not to worry about presents. So thank you again. One of the most wonderful things about our child’s disability is that she adores surprises and opening packages. I guess all kids do but our child’s joy is enormous. I’m sure she’ll have so much fun on our 8 nights of dedication!


Grateful Mother of a Child in the JCRS Special Needs Program


 Received 12/7/2011

Dear Friends,

Hope this small box of gifts for Hanukkah for needy children can be used.

It is because of your wonderful program that my sons attended camp, and I completed college.

I’m now retired and disabled, but would love to help, perhaps a family in need. rather than have a Jewish family go without. I can’t do a lot, but something’s better than nothing.

Again Shalom and thank you for making my dreams of teaching and my sons’ assistance a reality.


Proud Texas Mother of 4 Adult Sons Who Were All Once Aided by JCRS




Received 8/26/2011

Thank you so much for your financial aid assistance in making my Jewish boarding school experience a possibility for me. This past year’s experience was even more than I had dreamed, and I believe that this school year will be even better. I’m looking forward to reuniting with classmates who have become part of my family as special friends that I know I will have for life. Your generosity has been and continues to be life changing.

With deep gratitude,

A Teenager from the Deep South



Received 2/4/2011

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

I wanted to let you and anybody else who was involved in the purchasing, wrapping and delivering of the Hannuka gifts know what a great mitzvah it was.

The box arrived about 1 week prior to Hannuka. I didn’t really know what it was; fortunately, my kids were not around when I opened the box. To my surprise, I saw all of these presents beautifully packed, with ribbons, labeled “girl” and “boy.”

I proceeded to take a look at each gift, kind of peeking into each of them, and I could not help it. Tears came to my eyes.

I just didn’t believe that someone took the time to fund, buy, wrap and label each gift so that my kids could enjoy them.

Honestly, we have never received so many things so beautifully wrapped and organized.

We gave one present a day to my 4 and 13 year old, and we even had some gifts to give away to friends.

Each night of Hannuka, we lit the menorah, knowing that each child would have something to enjoy that night.

I cannot further express my appreciation to all of the staff who made these gifts possible. May G-d bless each and every one of you who took the time to ensure that many Jewish children could enjoy this celebration.

May G-d continue blessing you so that mitzvot of this nature are carried on.

Shabbat Shalom,

Parents from El Paso, TX



Received 12/28/2010

Dear JCRS Staff:

Hanukkah items arrived and, as usual, you managed to make good selections. It’s been such a busy time with Thanksgiving hardly over before Hanukkah began, but we’re having a good holiday. The babies are beginning to get to know their cousin who lives out of the country and the sixth baby, who is being adopted by another family. Thank you for gifts for him also. The adoptive family is Christian, but they are trying to learn about Judaism, so they can help him understand his family. They’ve attended several Jewish activities with us.

Happy New Year.

(From a remarkable Oklahoma Jewish woman who adopted and reared six children as Jews and is now rearing five very young grandchildren as Jews.)




Received 12/23/2010:

Dear JCRS……….

Hanukkah was a success thanks to your organization. I met with (your Texas staff member) a few days ago and she gave us gifts in addition to those that were shipped. Thank you for the gift cards. I used them to buy clothing my child has been wanting and needing.

Single Parent



Series of emails from Fall 2010:


I am inquiring about your Hannukah gift program for children. My daughter and I live in (the region). Thank you.

JCRS Staff:

We need to know ASAP the following: child’s full name, age, BD, gender, interests, your name, and all of your contact info. It is very important that we get this ASAP. If we do not get the info ASAP, our biggest challenge will not be getting you gifts but getting them to you wrapped by Hannukah. How did you hear about us?


Growing up, the JCRS helped me. We were recently homeless, as I lost my job in June 2010. We are in transitional housing at the moment but should be moving to permanent housing in mid December. Things are stabilizing, but not in time for Hanukkah this year. I would deeply appreciate anything you could do for us.

JCRS Staff:

So sorry to hear about the bad times.

The following is a list of items we already have that may be age/gender appropriate for your daughter (……………..). Gifts will be shipped by the end of Nov/very early Dec to the address you listed. If you move before then, you must tell us ASAP.


If you have clothing available, that’s extremely useful as well. She doesn’t have a coat and the weather has been getting much colder. She wears a medium shirt and size 12 jeans/ pants. And to be honest, it will be a blessing to have anything to open for Hanukkah. I’m extremely grateful, on many levels, that an organization like JCRS exists.

Update – The above child was sent toys, new clothing, gently used clothing, and a gift card to purchase additional clothing.




Received 12/23/10:

To the Staff and Volunteers of Jewish Children’s Regional Service,

Thank you for helping make my son’s eight nights of Chanukah very happy occasions. He appreciated all the gifts. His special favorite was the pair of light-up glasses!

We are grateful for your kindness.


Single Mom in Oklahoma



Received 12/20/10

Dear Mr. Goldbergh and Staff,

It was fun opening all the Chanukah gifts. I appreciate you thinking of me. I can tell the gifts were especially selected for me.

My grandmother says hello.

With warmest regards,

From young man reared by grandparent



Received 12/10/10:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

Belated Happy Chanukah!

Many thanks to you & your staff for the help you so generously provided to two of my daughters in pursuing their undergrad degrees! I noticed in the current newsletter that you had them both listed with their undergrad degrees so I wanted to bring you up to date.

Daughter 1 is completing her doctorate in molecular biology and a master’s in public health. Her PHD work is medical research at U.T. Southwestern in Dallas.

Daughter 2 is completing her 2rd year of medical school where she is an A student and she will earn her MD 5/12. She has already been offered 3 residency programs and she wants to specialize in pediatrics with an additional specialty in oncology or neurology for children. She attends U.S.A. Medical School (U. of Southern Alabama) in Mobile.

We can’t thank you enough for the help you provided to them!


Very Proud Mother

(JCRS helped four of the eight children over a span of twenty years. The family is from a very small Southern community with few Jewish residents.)


Received 12/7/2010:

Dear JCRS Staff:

Thank you so much for the box of goodies sent for my daughter..

She has really enjoyed opening the presents every night and seeing what surprises she received. Last night, she was thrilled with the Hannah Montana and High School Musical books. She did tell her dad that he could borrow the soft ball a few days ago. I think she felt good being able to share with others as well as receive presents herself.

Thank you for your thoughtful gifts and for making Chanukkah a delight for my daughter.



(This family is still recovering from Hurricane Ike’s effects on Texas in 2008.)




Received 12/6/2010:

Dear Jewish Children’s Regional Service,

Words cannot explain how grateful we are this year for the wonderful gifts you have given us. Our children are so blessed because of your generosity. We  hope to be able to sponsor some children just like ours one day. I wanted to let you know that our children decided to share the gifts you gave them with another family in need. They said they did not deserve so much and wanted to help someone too, just as you have helped them. They each gave two of their gifts to a needy family. I thank you more than you know for inspiring this spirit of giving in my children. Thank you again. You have given us so much more than gifts this year.

Happy Chanukah,

Very Proud Parent



Received 12/4/10

To all of you

Thank you so much for the Hanukkah gifts. We have no money for food & bills, so for sure we have none for gifts.


-Single Mom



Received 11/30/10:

To my friends at JCRS,

I can’t begin to tell you what a joy (and relief) it was to receive your

package of Hanukkah presents for my daughters yesterday! It has been such a

difficult year for me and my girls and your organization has just sent some

much needed sunshine our way. Your kindness and generosity has made me so

thankful and happy…you are all amazing!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Texas Mother




Dear JCRS,

I would like to thank you and the Jewish Children’s Regional Service for helping to make it possible for me to attend (boarding school.) It changed my life in so many ways. I was able to grow spiritually, excel in my academic courses, and learn life skills and lessons that have made me the Jewish person that I am today. The time that I spent there was truly the best experience that I ever had. I made life long friends and made memories that I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life. I was able to be a part of an amazing community and was faced with many chessed opportunities, such as teaching Hebrew school and helping children with special needs, that benefited many people. I met many great, inspirational people and learned so much from them. This would all have not been possible with out your help and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. I plan to enter college within the next year to pursue my degree in Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to go to attend this school and to attain the confidence that I have now to pursue my dreams.

Again thank you so much for making it all possible.

Take care and all best. Shana Tova!


Student who received assistance



Dear JCRS,

Please accept our wholehearted thank you for your generous help and financial assistance! We fully appreciate what JCRS has taken upon itself to help us with regard to our child’s physical occupational and speech therapy services. We can personally testify that the challenge of assisting a child who requires extra support can be divided into two categories, emotional weightiness, and financial weightiness. We thank you for helping us out financially in our journey to help our son reach his full potential.

Thank God we have seen, and continue to see tremendous progress. He is not the child he was at the onset of his challenges. We know that we must continue with his therapies, as they are truly saving his life, and performing miracles before our very eyes. His social and language skills are improving daily.

Thank you again for reaching out and helping those in need. Your organization exemplifies Mi Ke-Amcha Yisroel, Who is like the Nation of Israel — Reaching out and helping others, simply filling a need, and helping a cause.

May Hashem bless your organization, JCRS and those individuals responsible for helping make this happen. May you merit having many more years of only good tidings, blessings, and fortune come your way!

Most sincerely,

Parents of a child with pervasive developmental disabilities.



Dear JCRS,

I don’t know if the school sent this to you so here it is. I want to thank you for all that you have done for our family. I hope seeing this will assure you that it is worth it. Although our son is still complaining, he is doing fantastically. If you ever need a parent to sing your praises don’t hesitate to call me. I can’t say enough about the good work you have and continue to do. And although my son complains that the food is terrible and the bed is uncomfortable, it must be the combination that he needed. Look at his grades! I guess when he comes home I have to stop cooking good food and make him sleep on the floor for him to continue to excel!”`

All joking aside, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. May you staff continue its mitzvot, and have nothing but Nachas in your lives. You can never know how much you have brought to mine.


Parent of child in a specialized boarding school.



Dear (Camp Coordinator) Marsha Z:

Would you please thank everyone at the Jewish Children’s Regional Service for helping (son) this year to go to camp. Without your help, (son) would not have been able to attend and he would have missed out on being able to be with Jewish children and share this wonderful experience. It is often hard for a child in a divorce situation where one parent is not Jewish and not supportive.

As a single Jewish mother, I do what I can in trying to give (son) as much as I can regarding his Jewish heritage but I am only one person and there are often many forces that pull against it — a Christian father forcing him to church, a divorce restricting geographic location to areas where there are not many Jewish people, on and on. (Son) has had many challenges, two divorces, his sister passing, a home badly damaged, a stroke at a young age and disability. However, he believes in G-d and knows he is Jewish. I pray that someday he will have his bar mitzvah and grow into a fine Jewish man. Thank you all again for your part in making this happen.

Best wishes,

Southern Jewish Mother



Dear JCRS,

Thank you so much for the money you guys put towards me getting braces. I appreciate it so much. It is so nice I am shocked. You guys do so much to help out everyone who is less fortunate. Keep it up because what is goes around comes around and nice people like you guys deserve so much. Thanks a million!


Former Foster Child





Dear JCRS,

My wife and granddaughter and I love receiving the books (from The PJ Library®) because it gives our granddaughter the extra taste of Judaism that is sometimes hard to get in a small community.  We certainly do appreciate all that your organization does.





Dear JCRS,

My two sons just love getting these (PJ Library®) books in the mail.  The content and quality of these books are wonderful.  My older son attended a Jewish Community pre-school, which my younger son now attends, and they love recognizing the lessons they learn in school.

My older son has been in speech therapy since he was very young.  We received our first Sammy the Spider book from The PJ Library® and discovered how helpful this particular series was with his speech therapies.

I love that the books stress family, community and kindness.  Not to mention the rich and important history contained in these lovely children’s books.

It’s amazing to me that we continue to receive these wonderful books.  I feel so lucky to be involved with The PJ Library®.

Thank you so much!!





Dear JCRS,

I would like to thank your organization and people with in for the generous (Hanukkah) gifts that you have given me. And I would like to tell you that year after year I look forward to receiving a box on my doorstep with so much thoughtfulness poured into it. To see it really makes my day, so thanks again everyone. Just a reminder that your work is greatly appreciated.





Dear JCRS,

Please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you, Mr. Ned Goldberg, and the Educational Scholarship Committee of the Jewish Children’s Regional Service for awarding me a 2009-10 Educational Scholarship. Being selected for this scholarship is an honor and I am grateful for the educational opportunities that it will afford me as I begin my college education at the University of , This money will be a great help in reducing the debt and financial burden on my family and will reduce my stress level during my very demanding freshman year. I plan to use the generous scholarship funds as I pursue my ambition of an education in Business studies.

JCRS has been a tremendous support to me and my family over the years including scholarships to Jewish summer camp, funding special needs education, and college assistance. I hope to one day be in a position to be a donor to this wonderful Jewish Agency that helps so many in so many ways. Thank you very much.


Young main who has received a variety of JCRS services