Lauren Weil


Lauren Weil, PhD, is an epidemiologist with the Center for Disease Control.  Her important work has lead to extensive travel.  Growing up in Alabama, she was a recipient of JCRS

Amanda Abrams

Amanda Abrams was raised in Brookhaven, MS and New Orleans, LA. She received camp scholarships and college aid from JCRS to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, she is the

Mark Plotkin

Mark Plotkin was born and raised in New Orleans. LA. He received college aid from JCRS and was educated at Harvard, Yale and Tufts. In 1995, Plotkin and prominent Costa

Rabbi James Egolf

Rabbi James Egolf is a native of Monroeville, AL and is currently a staff educator for spiritual care at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.  As a youth, JCRS provided