Support Groups

These groups address the needs of the most isolated and challenged populations within the Jewish community. Currently, JCRS offers ongoing support groups for grandparents rearing Jewish grandchildren, single fathers, and parents of troubled adults.

Support Group for Parents of Troubled Adults

Parents of Troubled Adults is a support group and community education program co-sponsored by the JCRS and the Jewish Family Service. Open to the community, it offers help and hope to parents whose adult children are suffering from depression, mental illness, developmental disorders or substance abuse. Participants share and learn from one another about how and when to offer help. Also, guest speakers share their expertise in such areas as family therapy, psycho-pharmacology, financial planning, disability law, addiction treatment, law enforcement, and community services. Meetings take place every other month on Thursday evenings. For more information, please contact Bonnie Lustig, LCSW at

The Single Dads’ Club

The Single Dads’ Club is a support group of single Jewish fathers who meet every 1-2 months in Greater New Orleans at lunchtime. In the ambiance of a casual restaurant, the fathers share experiences. Among the 15 fathers who have participated in the last two years, a significant number of them are currently or have been full custodians of their children. To enroll, just contact JCRS Executive Director, Ned Goldberg at If you are a Jewish single dad who does not live in Greater New Orleans, but wants JCRS to be appraised of your situation (and perhaps consider you for any JCRS services), feel free to contact the staff person and e-mail address associated with that specific program.

Grandparents, Special Parents, and Guardians Club

Over the years we have seen a rise in the number of children being reared by grandparents and other guardians, who are not in the formal foster care system. In 2006, JCRS started the regional Grandparents, Special Parents, and Guardians Club. The purpose is to provide support and education to caregivers, by way of regional newsletters and a support group in the greater New Orleans area. Members of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group appreciate the opportunity to learn from each other. After feeling isolated for so long, many were happily surprised to find other families in similar situations. If you are interested in learning more about this club, please email