Hi, Mr. Goldberg.

The JCRS has been helping my mom the past number of years make my Hanukkahs very nice, more than very nice. She really can not afford much, as she is single and we have not had communication with my father for as long as I can remember. He is not a part of our lives and he has not given my mom our due child support in over 10 years. My mom does not see fit to try for it anymore since she just works extra hard to give us what we need and most grateful she has primary custody of both my brother and myself.
For the JCRS to continue to support us is really amazing, so I just wanted to really and truly thank you and let you know how much it means to my family. I know that you all are also helping my brother with college funds and there really are not enough thanks for all. What my brother and I do as we have learned from my mom, is to try to make the people who are so giving proud of us and worthy of THEIR support. My brother and I have worked most hard at our schools, in the Jewish community, and in city programs to always give back to others and do lots of mitzvoth all the time.

I really thank you for all of the cool gifts. I especially loved all of the sports stuff, my favorite being the book about the Longhorns because all of my family went to UT, and now my brother is there.

Thank you and everyone at JCRS.

A Teenager