For 165 years, JCRS has served at-risk, dependent and financially challenged Jewish children and families from seven (7) Mid-South states: Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee by providing college scholarships, grants for Jewish summer camp experiences, special needs assistance, and other vital outreach programs that are pivotal in building one’s Jewish identity.

Today, JCRS remains vital, impactful, and more necessary than ever. In 2018, over 1700 children and families were served from more than 200 communities across our region. This year, we anticipate a larger than normal deficit in our budget due to increased requests for services.

How We Are Different

JCRS is a unique Jewish agency. Nowhere else in the United States can a family obtain under one roof case management in the form of funding for a child with special needs, substantially funded camp and education scholarship assistance and Jewish outreach. Whether it is through a one-time special needs assessment or a lifetime of therapy and care, a subscription to the PJ Library that provides free Jewish themed books to children up through age eleven, a Jewish summer camp grant, or an undergraduate aid package, we are here to help as best we can. Impressive as these figures and impact seem, they are insufficient to the enormous needs at hand.

Our Services

All scholarship programs are needs-based, except for PJ Library and PJ Our Way which are open to all Jewish youth ages 6 months to pre-teen, regardless of need. Nearly 40% of our clients come from single-parent homes and many are being raised by someone other than their biological parents – grandparents, other family members, foster care. The typical family has 5 members within the household and the combined average gross income is less than $70,000 per year.

JCRS Executive Board

Terms March 2019 – March 2021

Michael Goldman

Amy Gainsburgh Haspel
Vice President

Rose S. Sher
Vice President

Henry Weber
Vice President

Henry Weber
Vice President

Kathy Shepard

Carrie Pailet