The Special Needs Program seeks to address the full array of challenges faced by children under age 18. Whether it is language therapy for a child with a speech delay or dyslexia remediation for a child struggling to read, an upgraded wheelchair for a physically handicapped child or behavior training for a child with autism, a special school for a student with a learning difference or a comprehensive assessment for ADHD, the JCRS explores and addresses each situation individually, with sensitivity, confidentiality, and respect.


For information or to contact us about a child with Special Needs, contact Bonnie Lustig, LCSW, at or (800) 729-5277.

If you reside in the Houston, TX area, please contact Melanie Musser, LCSW, at or (832) 767-9097.

How to Apply

The application process begins with a phone conversation between the parent(s) of the Special Needs child and the JCRS Special Needs Case Manager. The family’s situation and the child’s needs are thoroughly explored. Parents will then be asked to submit informational records which serve to 1) document and assess the child’s special need, 2) describe the proposed treatment, service, or facility for addressing this need, and 3) explain the family’s need for financial assistance.

All information is confidential.

After the documentation is received, the family’s request is reviewed by the JCRS Special Needs Committee, which makes funding allocations. This committee includes professionals in the fields of child psychiatry, child psychology, social work, pediatrics, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and special education.

All parents will be asked to submit:

  • Written letter of request
  • Current federal tax return
  • Proof of income

Do NOT complete this application before contacting either Bonnie Lustig, LCSW, at or (800) 729-5277, or if in greater Houston: Melanie Musser, LCSW, at or (832) 767-9097.