Jewish Children's Regional Service

PJ Library® is made possible to Jewish families across Louisiana by a generous grant from the GOLDRING FAMILY FOUNDATION

Do your children love free picture books about Jewish holidays, Jewish folktales, Jewish family life and values? PJ LIBRARY® is a nationally acclaimed outreach initiative for Jewish families of young children.

Created by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ (for pajama) LIBRARY® provides a treasury of FREE Jewish books to children birth through eight years. The books are specially selected by childhood experts. They are highly engaging, beautifully illustrated, and age-specific. Once you enroll, a free selection arrives in the mail every month for each child in your family to enjoy.

JCRS is funding this gift to enhance the joys and knowledge of our Jewish heritage for young children and their families. Each selection includes a parent’s guide to help families use the selection at home. Many parents describe the books as a valuable way to nurture Jewish identity; children enjoy them as treasured gifts which they love to read and hear again and again.

Praise for the PJ Library program

“Our almost 4 year old son loves his PJ books! Every time he goes to the mailbox with me, he always says ‘I hope I have a book in there!’ I am looking forward to my other son receiving his own books as well.”

“PJ library means a lot to our family. The children get excited when they come in the mail but I get excited knowing that PJ has helped us create a Jewish library in our home. Our PJ library books have their very own special book shelf. Of course, all books are treated kindly but our PJ library books are handled with the most respect in our home. It is very special to have a Jewish library to share with our children and our future grandchildren.”


For more information, contact Bonnie Lustig, PJ Library Coordinator at or (800) 729-5277.

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