Dear JCRS staff,
Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts and gift cards that we received this year for our boys for the Hanukkah. They are greatly appreciated and cherished in our family. It makes it especially special to see the personal touches such as hand made Hanukkah card and to realize that it was probably decorated by other children. We have been lucky recipients of the generous gifts from JCRS for a number of years and every year the gifts brought joy and happiness to our Hanukkah celebration. My husband and I are both immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. We are both Jews, we have 3 sons. The first son’s barmitzva was the 1st in our family since before the Soviet revolution over 100 years ago. He is a high school senior and plans on studying for an engineer. The second son is 12 and has all A’s so far this year, and he also wants to be an engineer , He is preparing for his barmitzva in September of 2017. Our third son is a second grader and appreciates Hanukkah gifts from JCRS the most. We appreciate all the hard work and the expense that goes into making these gifts happen for our family.