Saul Schaffer

As a JCRS College Scholarship recipient, Saul attend University of Maryland and earned d a Mechanical Engineering, B.S..  He is PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. His work focus on

Michael Finkelstein

Michael Finkelstein is a partner with Sternberg Naccari & White where he advocates for businesses and individuals.   Michael’s law practice focuses on litigation , business disputes, and catastrophic injury claims

Gloster Family

Brothers and cousin, Alex and Philip Glotser (left and right) and Roman Gutkovich (center), represent what can be achieved through opportunities, determination and hard work. Born in the former Soviet

David Hershberg

David Hershberg is currently a client engagement manager with Artefact, an award-winning technology, design and innovation company based out of Seattle, Washington. He helps the company identify and develop partnerships